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ALD Software Ltd: Reliability, Safety, and Failure Analysis Software since 1988

ALD Software Ltd: Reliability, Safety, and Failure Analysis Software since 1988

Failure Analysis and Corrective Action System by ALD

ALD Software Ltd., the member of ALD Group, specializes in RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety), FRACAS (Failure Reporting Analysis and Corrective Action System), Failure Analysis Software and many other tools. The figure below introduces the main ALD Software Ltd. products and their functions:

RAMS FRACAS Failure Analysis Products by ALD Software

RAMS, FRACAS and Failure Analysis Tools by ALD Software Ltd.

This site is dedicated to FRACAS FavoWeb by ALD Software Ltd. FRACAS FavoWeb is web based and user configurable Failure Reporting, Analysis and Corrective Action System (FRACAS) that captures information about equipment or a process throughout its life cycle, from design, production testing, and customers support. ALD also provides FRACAS FavoWeb as cloud-based SaaS solution.

ALD Software Ltd. is based upon RAMSFRACAS and Failure Analysis knowledge gained by ALD's vast experience in providing failure analysis solutions to the world leading companies in aerospace, military, electronics, telecommunication, railway and automotive industries.

ALD Software Ltd. has a highly motivated team with a proven success record in support and implementation of unique FRACAS solutions for customers such as Lockheed Martin, Israel Defense Force, Israel Aircraft Industries, Thales Rail Signalling Solutions Inc., SuperJet International and many other. ALD's more than 30 years of experience in the field of Reliability, Quality and Product Assurance form a solid base for ALD Software product and services.

ALD Software Mission

ALD Software Ltd. envisions its mission as providing software for in-depth failure analysis to achieve Safety, Reliability, Availability, Quality and Maintainability goals. ALD Software aspires to offer the latest technological, scientific and methodological failure analysis tendencies turning failure/event data into an invaluable resource for Operational Reliability and Product Assurance throughout product's life cycle. Outputs of the failure analysis performed by FavoWeb FRACAS are relevant for different industries: Aerospace, Defense, Railway, Energy, Telecommunication, Automotive, Medical Devices and more.

Unique Approach

The off-the-shelf FRACAS tool by ALD Software Ltd. combines Internet/Intranet, hands free organization-wide input of data/information with powerful RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety) and statistical capabilities enrooted in ALD reputation as one of the world leaders in Reliability and Quality. ALD Software Ltd. is more than just a vendor of off-the-shelf FRACAS. ALD Software Ltd. is an expert in failure analysis and IT professionalism - a rare combination in the era of focused specialization.


ALD Ltd. (

ALD logo

ALD is the leading consulting firm and software house in the field of Reliability Engineering and Quality Assurance. Since 1984 the company has been engaged in three main activities:

  • Professional service consulting, including services in the fields of Reliability Prediction and Analysis, Maintainability Analysis (including RCM and MSG3), Safety Assessment, Prognostics, Safety Management, LCC, ILS, Quality Engineering and Assurance and Thermal Design
  • Software development - Software related to Safety, Reliability, Maintainability, Failure Analysis, Prognostics etc.: RAM Commander, D-LCC, PHM Commander and more
  • Training - Courses in the areas of Quality Engineering, Quality Control and Reliability.

ALD Ltd. and ALD Software Ltd. are a one-stop source for Reliability, Safety, Failure Analysis and FRACAS solutions. Both companies  are proud of analytical capabilities, established experience, and extensive skills gained by their employees in both commercial and military projects.