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FavoWeb is a complete web-based FRACAS software with one server installation and unlimited users’ access via the web. FavoWeb is designed to meet your specific workflow and can be easily configured to support your data collection procedures, your work processes, your business rules, your specific reports and any desired statistical analysis. All these features and capabilities make FavoWeb FRACAS the most advanced web-based FRACAS software tool on the market.

FavoWeb FRACAS Basic Features

  • Completely web-based
  • Also cloud-based SaaS solution
  • User configurable – no need for programing and no limitation on custom fields, process length
  • Data collection forms designer (helps you design a form that will appeal users to report data)
  • Process/workflow builder
  • Automated Notifications and Alerts service (via email)
  • Built-in Corrective Action process (8D methodology, DMAIC approach etc.)
  • Multilingual (supports any language and any character type)
  • Data Access / Permission setting mechanism (ITAR compliant)
  • Configuration Management (Logistic BOM and Serial Tree) – As delivered, As Maintained – direct link between failures and system’s serial configuration
  • Serial number traceability – direct link between failure data and configuration changes
  • Operational time counters (e.g. Flight time, Distance, Engine time, Touch and Go etc.)
  • Built in reliability calculation (MTBF, Reliability Growth, Pareto)
  • Advanced report generator – create any query or calculation that comes to mind
  • Dashboards
  • Rule engine (helps you set conditions on data for presentation purposes)
  • Import mechanism with validation control and post processing commands (supports XML, XLS, CSV, TSV)
  • Interface to ERP’s, PDM’s RAMS application

Compliance with Common FRACAS System Requirements

Requirement FavoWeb Compliance
System interface for data capturing from exiting internal/external infrastructures  √
Secure system - proven compliance with defence organizations' requirements   √ 
Web based - Web access across multiple sites worldwide (all you need is a browser)  √
Data processing capabilities for partitioning data set into user defined projects  √
Data recorded among various projects will be linked for future analysis  √
Supports unlimited number of users/projects  √
Users/groups have appropriate privileges/authorities (screen view/data modification, import/export) according to clients' definition  √
Analysis capabilities to identify trends, root cause, MTBF, MTTR as well as connectivity to FMECA, FTA, RBD, and other reliability calculations  √
Provides alerts/notifications, according to user defined "trigger points"  √
Supports FRB activities by flagging significant events and tracking corrective actions to closure  √
System is highly flexible to allow for user defined report metrics, data workflow, forms, fields etc.  √
Satisfies common project certification requirements (FRACAS configuration control, SMS, ISO etc.)  √
System can interface with existing Reliability toolkit for RAMS analysis reporting (FTA, FMECA, RBD etc.)  √


Advanced Reports and Analytical Outputs

FavoWeb FRACAS provides wide range of analytical reports and outputs covering all types of FRACAS analysis including reliability, failure analysis, root cause analysis, MTBF, Failure Rate, Reliability Growth, Pareto Distributions, Weibull Analysis, Spares Consumption and more. All FavoWeb FRACAS reports can be produced in Excel, PDF, Doc/Word, HTML formats. Reports can be featured in tabular view, graphic view or both.

 Problem Status Distribution Report in FavoWeb FRACAS


Root Cause Pareto Report by FavoWeb FRACAS



Problem Activity Report in FavoWeb FRACAS



Defect Codes for Warranty Returns Report in FavoWeb FRACAS